Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kindergarten - Winter Landscapes

This is a great first, serious painting for Kindergarten.  First we looked a the difference between Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Seascapes.  Then the difference between the seasonal Landscapes. We began with a container of yellow paint and chip brushes.  Students painted a yellow circle anywhere on the paper.  When finished, I went around with a container of magenta paint and added a small amount.  They stirred it up and discovered yellow-orange! It was an exciting moment! We painted a ring around our sun with the new color.  We repeated the magenta two more times, deepening to orange and then to red-orange.

I collected the brushes and paint and passed out new.   A new plate with turquoise and white.  The students added a blue ring to their sun, (to keep the nice shape they created).  Then, they filled in the rest of the paper with the turquoise/white mixture.

The second week, we printed snow with very large circle sponges, full of texture.  Next, we practiced printing trees on a scrap paper with the side of a piece of cardboard.  We looked at trees and noticed the various lengths of trunks, branches, sticks and twigs.  Each student printed 1-3 trees on their paintings. I framed these with a 1/2" white boarder and a 1" black behind it.  I like to take the time to frame a painted like this for my Kindergarten students.  When these go home, the parents start to see their child's artwork as a valuable masterpiece!

1st Grade - Monster Box Sculptures

This project was inspired from a post on Pinterest originating with Giggles Galore, (gigglesgalorenmore@blogspot.com).  She called these Tattle Monsters.  My 1st Graders loved transforming tissue boxes into these wide mouthed Monsters.  This lesson was taught by my student teacher, who pre-painted all the boxes with acrylic. 

 The first week, students cut zigzag teeth and printed spots with tempera paint and various sponges.

Second week, we used Cloud Clay for the eyes with googlies pressed in. Pipe cleaners for antennas and tangled scrap yarn for crazy hair.  Black paper was used to cut feet.  A crowd pleaser!!!

2nd Grade - Collage Beach Scene

This project was inspired by artist Danny Phillips.  I discovered Danny on Etsy.com.  He has a shop full of inspiring beach scenes that remind me of my childhood.  His mixed media collages are unique and make me so happy!  In fact, I purchased a Rainbow Lighthouse for my husband as a wedding gift.  When it arrived, I was even more impressed!  It is stunning!

This project started with a tempera wash for the background.  We used blue, turquoise and white paint with large chip brushes.  We discussed how water and wind flow horizontally and painted our lightened sky and deep water with horizontal brush strokes.  We also painted a piece for sand. Brown, orange and lots of white.  Next, we used scrapbook papers and painted paper scraps to make the beach huts, boats and sun. These 12x12 beach scenes look great on display in a large group!