Friday, October 19, 2012

Kinder Spooky Black Cats

I LOVE this project sooooo much!  Kinder is always begging to paint the minute they walk in the door the first day of school.  I love the confidence of an all knowing Kindergartner! Picasso knew what he was talking about!
  It is always a risk to paint too early with brand new kinders.  If you teach kindergarten, you know what I mean!  :)   I pre-draw the cat's circle head, a rainbow body and the line the cat is standing on.  We practice holding our paintbrushes "straight up towards the ceiling like a rocket", (hense the name "Paintbrush Rocket"), and paint the whole cat WITHOUT paint, practicing perfect paintbrush technique.  Then... I hold my breath and give them paint!  We first paint the fence line, then add another line underneath, dividing the space.  Then add vertical fence posts.  After everyone is caught up, we outline the circle and rainbow line.  Paint the head in solid... add some pointy ears... a SMALL belly... and a fuzzy tail.  They are so pleased with themselves when they are done!  The next week we add details with silver and black sharpie.  Seriously, one of my favorites and the kinders all feel like REAL artists when they are done! And I am a proud art teacher!

1st Grade Day of the Dead Skeletons

These Skeletons have lots of personality!  We printed the background flowers with foam stamps and used up some watercolor paper scraps for the skulls and bones, (a little thicker than drawing paper or tag).  The skulls were decorated like a sugar skull and some extra designing was allowed on the rib cage, hands and feet.  I love seeing my students handwriting on their art, it gives the true essence of their age!

2nd Grade Calacas/Calaveras Portraits

These Calacas/Calaveras Portraits, (dressed up skeleton's for Day of the Dead), are all made with cut paper and a little paint.  The dress sombrero's are painted with silver tempera.  These make me very happy!

3rd Grade Spooky Castles

These castles are painted directly with black tempera and colored with oil pastels.  A little gray chalk for the spooky sky and you have a spooky castle! If you have a Smart Board, I highly recommend the virtual tour of Warwick Castle in Warwick, England. My students LOVED the virtual tour so much, it was difficult to get them in their seats to paint!  They were motivated and inspired!

4th Grade Day of the Dead Skeletons

These skeletons and flowers are made from Cloud Clay.  We painted the backgrounds with tempera and Modge Podge first, then created the skeletons and flower decorations.  Lastly, we painted the whole thing with another layer of Modge Podge.  These skeletons are attached forever!  
Such a fun lesson to teach!!!

Fifth Grade Fall Pumpkins

I love this project for translating 3D forms on a 2D surface.  Highlight and shadow... blending analogous colors... so fun!  I prefer this project on blue and purple construction paper.  Black glue and chalk are so nice together!