Wednesday, October 28, 2015

1st Grade Sugar Skulls

I have been trying to decide what to call these... sugar skulls or calacas?  I was intending to add bones for a neck and shoulders, but we are out of time, so I guess... Sugar Skulls! My 1st graders paint by traveling around the room.  One or two colors per table with a set of paintbrushes in each cup. I give them about 2 minutes per table.... and before you know it they look like these!  This was a "guided drawing", I told them what to paint at first to get the face started and then let them go!  Fun to teach!

Here is my Day of the Dead Prezi I use with all my classes, (Day of the Dead Prezi)

Monday, October 26, 2015

2nd Grade Ton Schulten Color Mixing Tree-scapes!

These 3rd Grade Ton Schulten Tree-scapes are another favorite of mine.  This is a great lesson for teaching value mixing and complementary color mixing.  First week is value, for the sky. Second week we used orange or yellow-orange with blue-blue violet for the ground.  Then India ink trees and gold details... viola! Done!  They look awesome hanging in a group together in the hallway. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

4th Grade Ton Schulten Abstract Landscapes!

Have you ever expected toooo much out of your students??? I might have this time... lol... but they ended up doing a great job on these Ton Schulten Abstract Landscapes! We discussed his use of vertical lines in his landscapes and tried to have both vertical and horizontal lines in ours.  These took a long time, it was not a quick painting! But everyone enjoyed each phase.  I encouraged keeping houses either warm or cool colors, then the opposite for the land.  Some followed my advise, others did not. Either way, they are true works of abstraction! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

5th Grade Abstract Landscapes inspired by artist Mandy Budan

One day, while surfing Pinterest, one of Mandy Budan's amazing abstract landscapes crossed my path. I was an instant fan! Her style is very interesting, a layering of shapes and lines in an amazing variety of colors! I knew she was my next artist to introduce to my 5th graders.  Perfect for teaching Tints and Tones!

While looking at her works of art with my students, (Mandy Budan Prezi), we had some questions... Who influenced her style of painting?  We all guessed Vincent Van Gogh.  Then, we wondered how she got started? Did she premix colors or mix as she went?  Since Mandy Budan is a living artist, I sent her an email asking her.... still have not heard back, but hopeful I will soon.

 Here are some AMAZING paintings by this exciting artist, Mandy Budan...

I focused the color mixing on tints and tone. Students were given both, pre-mixed paint and paint intended to be mixed by them.  It was a HUGE success!!! I had a very hard time choosing artwork to post, it was all great!

Now... see if you can tell which paintings inspired these works of art!