Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4th Grade - Jasper Johns Printed Numbers

My 4th Grade class sizes are HUGE this year.  I have 30 in each, (4 total)! So... I looked for smaller sized projects this year to accommodate our crowded classroom! Choosing Jasper Johns was easy.  This group is very athletic! Many students wear jerseys to school, they are into numbers! 

We made numbers with line patterns on printing styrofoam and printed them with cool colors on top of paper we lightly scribbled with warm colored oil pastel.  Why did we do it that way??? I only had cool colors in ink! We needed a little bit of warmth, since Jasper Johns really sticks to primary colors. Some lessons, you throw it together with what you have on hand! 

I must say, my students LOVED this project. They all printed 4 of their numbers. They had to frame one for me... but then... they got to traded with each other with the other three! Super fun!  Many of them have their favorite numbers hanging in their bedrooms from this project.  I love when they are totally into a project that they go home to hang it!

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