Monday, March 30, 2015

What inspired me at the NAEA Convention!

Thank you Lady Bloggers! You truly inspired me to get back on my computer and share!  For everyone who was not able to attend the convention, these ladies each had a different message to inspire those of us struggling with wanting to blog... but not sure we have a voice or time to do it well. We all follow these ladies, and many more outstanding bloggers, including some great guys! But how to find your voice??? Here are the tips I took from the workshop...

  • Find your voice, talk like your talking to a friend.
  • Don't try to be anyone but yourself... don't we say this to our students too!
  • Just get started! Pick some photos that YOU like to get started, use the templates the blog sites provide.
  • Take high quality photos and post them LARGE! Everyone is drawn to images!
  • Post regularly, people return to blogs who post once a week... can't we all manage once a week??? I know I can... 
  • Use the blogger app to get your post started, then edit on your computer before posting. - THANKS to Mini Matisse for that one, she gave some GREAT advice on the side and should be in the picture above!
  • Stay POSITIVE! People only like to read positive posts! And... don't get down if you have someone critical... there is always someone out there who has to go negative... your friends will always be positive!
Now... Why Blog??? This is what the professional say...

  • When you give you receive! 
  • It keeps you on your game, motivation to keep working at a high level!
  • It is the best advocacy for our art programs!
  • It's FUN! 
Again, thank you ladies! I have been looking at your sites for a long time. I am one of the gaucher's who never comment, but admire greatly.  I may still be quiet, but I will try to not be silent!