Tuesday, November 13, 2018

5th Grade - One Point Perspective Abstracts inspired by Fernand Leger

Students love learning one-point perspective. Drawing a shape 3 dimensionally is very exciting a satisfying! I have taught perspective in many ways, but this might be my favorite! 

After a comprehensive slideshow and video demonstrating how to draw shapes in perspective with a horizon line and vanishing point. Students practice until mastery on a 12x18. Drawing at least 15-20 shapes on both sides. 

The next day, we look at several paintings by Fernand Leger. Students discuss how he used perspective in his work and paints with highlights and shadows to create forms. 

On a new paper, I demonstrate drawing at least 5 shapes in one-point perspective, however, I use at least 3 different vanishing points, moving them around. After the 5 shapes, students may draw more to the background, keeping it simple and flat. We outlined with black PITT pens.  When coloring with oil pastels, we started with the 5 shapes, being sure to blend light to dark. When coloring the shapes in the background, color blending them light to dark like the 3D shapes gives the illusion of more dimensions! My students LOVED this project! I highly recommend it!!! 

Monday, November 12, 2018

6th Grade - String Art!!!

This is a Cassie Stephens special... She of course did this lesson with younger students, but it translates well with older ones too! Mine took it a bit further and now that I have taught it once, I will change it up next time and give more options.... so stay tuned! 

Just like Cassie, we used oil pastel and india ink wash to paint a background. Then students traced a circle with 16 even marks. Where they marked, they used a push pin to start the hole in the cardboard, (10x10).  Then, we used large nails to push through and make a nice sized hole to get our long plastic needles through.  Worked like a charm! My students REALLY liked this lesson. Many who finished early started a smaller new one.  Can't wait to start these again next semester! 


6th Grade Abstract Landscapes!

This lesson has become a staple for my 6th grade Core Art Class.  Landscape is a great subject, very broad subject.  Then choosing several artists with interesting, painterly techniques to inspire composition, approach to colors and mixing... you have a great lesson!

We look closely at Mandy Budan, a current Canadian Artist, and Vincent Van Gogh.  Students create smaller thumbnail sketches in their sketchbook, (4x6), and practice painting with both artists techniques.  Once they decide their own style, inspired by the two artists, we draw on a larger 16x14 paper.  Students are required to have foreground, middle ground and background.  Once drawn, sky and background are painted first, then middleground, followed by foreground. Each quarter, the students manage to create very different looking landscapes! No two are alike!