Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1st Grade Picasso Clowns

This lesson is an "oldie but goodie".  My mother and her art teacher pals created this lesson years ago.  It has been a great one to pull out every few years.  Students look at Picasso Portraits, (Picasso Prezi), and Picasso's Clown he did with simple line.  We create ours with black tempera and warm and cool oil pastels.  They are always super cute in a group at the arts festival!  This is an easy 2 week lesson with great results!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1st Grade Cityscapes AND Seascapes!

I love teaching young ones to notice the details of the world.  Pointing out the differences within the landscape of our city, state and all over the world opens up our students minds to notice the details. Both these two projects include an element of printmaking.  The city, we used cardboard and black paint to print a city and the seascape, we folded our paper to print the reflection of our boats.  Both of these projects I found on Pinterest, and have adapted to my classroom.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 2, 2015

4th and 5th Grade Sugar Skulls and Skeletons for Day of the Dead!

I have made these two projects in some form over the last couple years... Mostly, because my students BEG me to do them!  I do love teaching both, yet try to find some variety to make them a bit different each year.  My students know everything about Dia de los Muertos!  I'm proud of their work and proud of their interest in learning everything they can about this wonderful Mexican holiday!
Here is my Day of the Dead Prezi I use with all my classes, (Day of the Dead Prezi)

These projects are made with Amaco Cloud Clay, similar to Crayola's Model Magic.  It sticks well to cardboard and dries to it, no need for glue! I highly recommend it!

3rd Grade Day of the Dead Skelo-cats!

Wow!  This is it! My new favorite project of the year!  Students LOVED it, and I LOVED teaching it!  DOn't you think that is the best part of our jobs! We get to get soooo excited about something and share our enthusiasm with our students.  The perfect teacher/learning moment!  Take a look at our process, We had fun!  Here is my Day of the Dead Prezi I use with all my classes, (Day of the Dead Prezi)