Saturday, April 25, 2015

2nd Grade SLO Testing is FINISHED!

I am so relieved that my state SLO testing is done for the year!!! In Ohio we are required to give the same exact test in the fall as in the spring.  For the second graders, we focused on Landscape as a theme and spacial drawing. Basically, in my district, we are having students illustrate their understanding of foreground, middleground and background in a drawing, 
through the use of size placement and overlapping. 

* I edited my photos, turning them into the "sketch" look and changing the contrast. My original photographs were so pale, this seemed to be the best way to show the details.  

 This is MY drawing. I teach this simple drawing lesson. I have taught this lesson the last 17 years! It is a Judy Bowerman special, (my mother, a retired art teacher of 32 years).  Directed drawing, however, students have a lot of room to be creative. To be sure they understand the concept, we start by having everyone draw a house and a tree in the foregound.  Then middleground another house and tree. And again, the background,  another house and tree.  We draw them all getting smaller as we extend our space.  I even show them how to draw a 3D house, they LOVE IT! I encourage adding anything to make their landscapes unique.  Many times, they are so exited to have theirs look like mine, they are similar. But, they start becoming more confident and changing it up. For weeks, after this,  I get landscape drawings delivered to me in the morning. They are so excited to learn this idea of creating a real 3 Dimensional world, they want to practice it over and over. The best part, they change their drawings to make them more and more unique, they add things we never brainstormed in class. You know it is a good lesson when that happens!

The drawings are assessed through a rubric created for this lesson.

 The top drawing is from the Fall SLO, the bottom is from the Spring SLO.

 This student is all left brain... He is gifted. He made as many landlines and distance as possible! Not as much detail as others, but really understands how to create a 3D world now!

 This is a student has fine motor difficulties. I was thrilled with his finished product! While it is not as neat or detailed, this he understands foreground, middleground and background. Not perfectly executed, but he put in an outstanding effort!

This student has Downs Syndrome.  She was given the test with an aid, however, the aid did not draw or assist in drawing. Only encourage the directions. I am so proud of how well she did!!! She did not get the space, but she was very detailed in the first house. trying her best to create it with a 3D look.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

First Grade Fish Collages with Cloud Clay

These first grade collages were tons of fun! Look how silly and cute! I have to give some credit to Laura from Painted Paper, a few years ago she made a quick one day collage with cloud clay fish on the day of her arts festival, and I helped her throw them up on the wall... I couldn't wait to make my own!  This year, I took it a step further, painted a background on chip board and collaged with painted paper. Then colored cloud clay fish with googley eyes!

When this lesson was being taught, I had a wonderful student teacher who started the project with this book about a fish.  It is a book with a good lesson, do not steal! But any book about a fish is a great jumping point!

Monday, April 20, 2015

3rd Grade Gnome Huts with Gnomes

This is a OVER THE TOP FUN, three dimensional project for elementary! Laura, of Painted Paper, and I presented this lesson as a hands on workshop at our state convention last fall. We put our minds together on projects we have done separately and this is what came of it!  

These Gnome Huts are made on top of a simple armature. Half a toilet paper roll, (just cut it in half!), and a 6" half circle of poster board folded and stapled in a cone shape.  We covered the armature with Cloud Clay and then decorated on top.  This stuff is great, even the next week you can add more details and it will adhere.  A new favorite material of mine to use!

Backgrounds were made on a heavy chip board I had ordered and Gnomes were made of corks!

Third Grade seems to be the best fit for this project. Every one of these was outstanding!

Here is

Friday, April 17, 2015

5th Grade Needle Felting Abstracts

My new FAVORITE fibers material to teach is WOOL FELTING!  I love it... my students love it! 
I bought all the supplies from Back to Back Alpaca.  They sell classroom sets of foam, needles, wool "canvases" and roving.  Plus... they offer a teacher discount! It is very affordable once you get set up, the roving goes a LONG WAY! 

The biggest teaching tip... teach PROPER NEEDLE FORM!  Straight up and down, not too fast, not too hard.  I have about 6 needles break over the whole unit, so having an extra dozen is required... just in case! But once you correct a few, they get the idea and are more careful.  

We started with the wool yarn first, breaking up the space with simple lines and shapes, then filled in with the roving.  I recommend staying abstract your first year teaching, then going more realistic if you choose to.  I had a few students make their's more realistic, which was fine with me.  As the teacher, I have been learning how to teach this material... having my own learning curve to overcome first. Next year I will be more creative with my inspiration.  I needed to see how they handled this material a couple times first.  It has been much easier than expected! I can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4th Grade Jasper Johns Numbers

My 4th Grade class sizes are HUGE this year.  I have 30 in each, (4 total)! So... I looked for smaller sized projects this year to accommodate our crowded classroom! Choosing Jasper Johns was easy.  This group is very athletic! Many students wear jerseys to school, they are into numbers! 

We made numbers with line patterns on printing styrofoam and printed them with cool colors on top of paper we lightly scribbled with warm colored oil pastel.  Why did we do it that way??? I only had cool colors in ink! We needed a little bit of warmth, since Jasper Johns really sticks to primary colors. Some lessons, you throw it together with what you have on hand! 

I must say, my students LOVED this project. They all printed 4 of their numbers. They had to frame one for me... but then... they got to traded with each other with the other three! Super fun!  Many of them have their favorite numbers hanging in their bedrooms from this project.  I love when they are totally into a project that they go home to hang it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Third Grade Joan Miro Abstract Freeform Shape Designs

Some of my favorite Joan Miro paintings are the ones with many shapes overlapping and creating new shapes.  We looked at several of his works of art that created some interesting shapes from layering.  To create our compositions, we drew two very large, loopy freeform shapes, with the goal to create other shapes. This lesson is a great transition between two larger lessons that take a few meeting times.  This one only takes 2 class times and is very productive!  Enjoy!

Second Grade Miro BUGS!

I love this silly work of art by Joan Miro. It looks like a crazy bug to me!  
We made it fun by turning the square paper to a diamond to create OUR silly bugs. 

It is nice to have a creative way to display artwork.  Creating the artwork in a diamond shape
created some variety in the arts festival display!