Saturday, March 28, 2020

It's a Small World Mural - Time-Lapse Video - 3rd, 4th, & 5th

Mary Blair and Joey Chou are the inspiration behind these murals. I loved Mary Blair's original work for Disney. All of her amazing illustrations remind me of my childhood. Joey Chou was hired to modernize her It's a Small World illustrations. He did an amazing job and is now a big source of inspiration of mine.

I pre-drew several versions of the city on paper before I grabbed my chalk and drew on the black paper. But when I start, I like it to flow, I do not stick to the drawing. It is more a guideline and source of ideas. 

Once the whole drawing is complete, I go mix my paint. MIX PAINT BEFORE NUMBERING! You need to know how many numbers you need. I like to mix a lot of intermediate colors, trying to stretch the color wheel. 

Once colors are mixed,  I number and create a chart for myself. Additionally, I set up a paint cart and get it labeled and numbered. 

Once the paint is mixed, I number the painting! usually 20-26 colors... depending on the subject. 

When students start painting, they are instructed to OUTLINE each shape before painting it in. They get one color, I hand them the cup. They look for their number only. For the most part, they all do it perfectly. I do not worry if there is a spot painted with the wrong number.

Once we got most the mural painted in, I added the black and white ribbon in the background and the tile look at the bottom. It needed a break in color. Then to fill in the back ground, we printed with large sponges on sticks, gold tempera paint. It finished it off!

Fort Meigs African Safari - Ceramic Installation

This was a huge and very satisfying undertaking… I love clay, I love installations, this was the perfect project at the right time.  I did not photograph the making process of these animals, I made this in 2004. Before I was a blogger, before Facebook, before Pinterest.  Had I known that image sharing would be what it is… I would have documented the whole thing! So… the basic details…
4th Grade – Wild cats – any kind they wanted to make, I had lots of pictures for them to see.
3rd Grade – Elephants, Zebras, Hippos, and Giraffes – each class made one animal
2nd Grade – Monkeys, Gorillas, Alligators and Rhinos
Every project is created on a pinch pot body.  Then build with not body parts, but muscles.  If you pay attention to how the muscles attach on an animal, you can build an animal in clay to stand on four feet.  If not… they fall over.
Finishing was acrylics.  I pre-dipped all the animals in semi-gloss latex by base color needed.  Then students add the accent colors.
Display – Twisty paper bag trees with shredded green construction paper dumped on top.  Burlap and blue transparent cellophane.