Friday, April 10, 2015

5th Grade - Fantasy Castles

These Fantasy Castles are inspired by the Disney illustrator Mary Blair 
AND Lisa Congdon, a current illustrator/artist. 
Mary Blair

Lisa Congdon

I completely love any kind of simple shapes in bright colors!  And when I see these ladies art works, I want to jump inside them!  If you go to Disney... you can! It's a Small World is full of Mary Blair's great works from the 50's! I have never been... but hear it is wonderful!  Here are our versions of fantasy castles inspired by these inspiring artists...

 We started with drawing our castles with white Twistables. We used straight edges and circles for a few details, but the rest by hand.

Next we painted, with warm and cool colors. I like to paint this way... 3 tables of warm, three tables of cool... all paintbrushes are cleaned on painting mats, NO WATER! I am a painter, I never clean brushes as I paint, only at the end.  I know everyone has a different system, this one works great for me!  Students can move from table to table when needed.

 Last step, some paintings needed a little more definition, so I threw the oil pastels on the table!  Some students used them a lot, a little or not at all.  I let them decide... a few I highly encourage some cleaning up some confusing areas by outlining the intended shape. They are all very unique!

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  1. Thank you so much for continuing with your blog! The photos are amazingly helpful for me as a first year art teacher. I especially love the photos of what the tables look like and how their set up and the photos of your beautifully decorated hallways. One question... Do you put the paint in the egg cartons for the kids already mixed? Your colors are are so bright, do you mix them yourself? What brand of paint do you use? Thank you!!