Thursday, April 9, 2015

2nd Grade - Van Gogh's Flowers in Vases

 This lesson is a Judy Bowerman original... who is Judy??? My mother, who trained me to be an art teacher. She taught visual art for 32 years, mostly elementary. She always taught this lesson on pastel sulphite construction paper. I usually pick a different pastel for each class,
which keeps me organized.

We look at several of Van Gogh's paintings with flowers and focus mostly on his painterly style. 
I use this as a color mixing lesson, starting with the orange family.

Next time, we mix the violet family and create a vase with pattern. Then finish 
with the greens for some added pop!
Flowers in Vases always make me happy!


  1. These are beautiful! What a great idea to use VG sunflowers as an inspiration for color mixing.

  2. What kind of paint do you use for this to get such bright secondaries?