Friday, November 27, 2015

Clay Week 2015!!!

Fifth Grade Slump Bowls

Every year, right before the holiday break, I have a week of clay making for my students.  We discuss functional art and how ceramics has a HUGE impact on our lives.  I tell them, "we all come into contact with ceramics every single day... we all take a seat on a ceramic throne... the toilet!" It always gets them giggling. In fact, several parents have shared with me that their child could not wait to tell them that toilets were ceramic works of art! 

Here are some pictures of my very busy week.  Tomorrow is the last day.  Then a few days of firing and then the finishing of pieces.  I will post more on how I finish the pieces in a couple weeks.

Fifth Grade Made Long Plate/Bowls. The clay is slumped in styrofoam trays I bought online. $35.00 for 500 of these babies! They are for packaging lemons!  They are the perfect size!  We rolled the clay and used a bunch of clay stamps I made years ago for texturing. Some students used rubber stamps too. This is what it looked like...

Fourth Grade made Decorative Plates. These can be made as holiday plates, winter plates or all year round plates.  It was up to the individual! I have lots of cookie cutters, big and small.  Winter is a favorite theme...

Third Grade made Drape Textured Bowls.  We use the rubber texture mats and rubber stamps.  These are a favorite!  They love making something so functional! We slump them over the short plastic cocktail cups you get at the grocery store.  I cover them with paper towel so the clay does not stick.  Works just great!

Second Grade makes Luminaries!  We roll out clay, cut out some stars and roll the slab onto a pop can.  Then the stars we cut get glued on!  Super simple!

First Grade made Clay Owls...a simple one I have seen online, but have been making for over 20 years.  I have an old ceramics book from the 1960's that has this project in it.  An oldie but goodie!

After firing all 500+ clay projects, on to finishing! Stay tuned... :)


  1. These projects are great! Are those pieces of burlap you use to cover the table?

  2. Thanks! It is thick canvas. Years ago I ordered the thickest canvas I could find from Utrecht's. I cut it up for each student to have a piece. It holds a lot of dust, so I try not to have the kids pick them up, I do it to control the dust... but it is a great surface to work on! I like to do clay with the while school at once, so tables stay set up the whole week.

  3. Hi! These projects are great!!! Thank you so much for sharing. It is my first summer working at a camp with the little ones, and I am kind of freaking out. So these projects are making me feel much better :) Where did you order those trays from?