Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I am very excited to have moved my blog to https://paintbrushrocket.com/.  Why have I done this??? Mostly, I am getting ready for some change in my life. This is my last year teaching elementary school, next year I will be teaching at my school district's brand new 5th/6th grade Intermediate School.  After 18 years in my current classroom, I am ready for the change.  While I plan to continue blogging, I have had a dream or organizing my art photos into art gallery's.  I can do this with a website, (not ready yet... still working on it).  I want to get all my elementary lessons organized before my momentum switches to Intermediate. 

I also want to start being an artist again.  I am a painter, I want to PAINT!  I plan to have a Studio page with some video and how to's of my personal painting style.  I may sell something at some point, but for now, I am letting it evolve one day at a time. I hope you get in the routine of visiting my site.  Now that the walls are all framed in, I can really start building! I hope to see you there! Thank you for checking in! xoxo