Monday, April 20, 2015

3rd Grade - Gnome Huts with Gnomes

This is a OVER THE TOP FUN, three dimensional project for elementary! Laura, of Painted Paper, and I presented this lesson as a hands on workshop at our state convention last fall. We put our minds together on projects we have done separately and this is what came of it!  

These Gnome Huts are made on top of a simple armature. Half a toilet paper roll, (just cut it in half!), and a 6" half circle of poster board folded and stapled in a cone shape.  We covered the armature with Cloud Clay and then decorated on top.  This stuff is great, even the next week you can add more details and it will adhere.  A new favorite material of mine to use!

Backgrounds were made on a heavy chip board I had ordered and Gnomes were made of corks!

Third Grade seems to be the best fit for this project. Every one of these was outstanding!

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