Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Week with Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is always a tricky class to have the first week... in my opinion. They are just starting to learn how to walk in a line, wait their turn to be called on and listen to the teacher when she/he is talking.  Kindergarten teachers are special people!  I couldn't do it all day long! 

A couple years ago, I borrowed a great idea from someone on Pinterest.  I looked at my page to find the source, but I could not find the pin! I must have immediately made it and moved on.  But, someone out there gave me this great idea!  Basically, a baseline assessment to see their drawing skills and maturity.  A great twist on the "Draw a man" test.  

Here it is....


On the back, students have a dotted picture to trace.  It helps to assess their abilities to follow a line.  Then I encourage them to color and extra items to the drawing.  

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  1. Do you have this paper document that you can share? I love this for K.