Friday, June 12, 2015

TED Talk Challenge Week 2

So, week two of my personal TED Talk Challenge! I have watched more than the
following five... More like 10-12.  I decided to only share TED Talks worth watching. There were a few I watched that were just...okay.  These five I found something great in them.  
I hope you do too!

Phil Hansen: Embrace the shake - A great talk about overcoming a physical defect 

as an artist. Very well done!

Beatrice Coron: Stories cut from paper - AWESOME!!!!! I have never discovered

this artist before, I can't wait to share her with students! 

Amy Tan: Where does creativity hide? Very smart, witty...

Suki Kim: This is what it's like to teach in North Korea - Very interesting.... very...

makes you appreciate our freedom!

Miwa Matreyek: Glorious visions in animation and performance - I have NEVER seen

anything like this! Very creative.  I noticed she has more on youtube that are shorter, might be worth looking for a couple to share with students.

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  1. Thank you so much for curating these wonderful videos! I really enjoyed the shadow artist and plan to show her work to my middle schoolers on my Contemporary Artist Fridays!