Thursday, December 17, 2015

Creating Fun Packaging for our Ceramic Projects!

I love a beautiful package, so I love to teaching my students to take pride in their gift giving.  Every year I do clay before the holiday's so students can have a gift to give their family.  While most my students are Christian, I have several students who are Jewish, Hindu and Muslim.  The tradition in my school district is to create "Christmas gifts" for students to take home.  I prefer to teach clay projects that allow students to chose to have a Christmas theme, a winter theme or an all year round theme.  This lets students have some creative freedom and not feel trapped in a Christian holiday. I imagine it has to be overwhelming this time of year if you are not celebrating Christmas.  I remember talking to one of my Hindu students years ago.  She was saying how she "loved to drive around and see all the lights and Christmas trees in the windows".  She wondered "how it might be to wake up to Santa on Christmas morning". Here she was, feeling outside and wondering about Santa!  So I direct my gift giving the same way.  The gift might be a holiday gift or a winter gift.  I provide materials for Christmas and Non-Christmas.  Here are some great packages....

I order the bags from Paper Mart.  I buy in bulk, it is more affordable.  I do the Square 1 Art fundraiser every year.  I use about $150 in bags.  It is worth it to me, the ceramics gets home safely!  Much less breakage!  I buy the gift wrap from Hobby Lobby.  It is the best paper!  Very thick and lined on the back.  Perfect for chopping up and using to decorate.  I find plenty of red and green but make sure there are some other colors as well.   I cut 8" wide strips and then chop it up in 1"pieces. I leave a whole box full at each table. The kids love it!  They could create for hours!!! 

My students feel great leaving with a work of art as a gift and a bag that has been created special for the person they are giving it to.  A great way to end first semester!

 I cut 8" wide strips and then chop it up in 1"pieces. I leave a whole box full at each table.

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