Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2nd Grade Romero Britto Cats and Dogs!

I LOVE Romero Britto!  His art is so full of color energy, it wakes me up just to look at it!  Just like a cup of coffee!  My students loved Britto too, they loved making these cats and dogs.  Everyone was able to choose cat OR dog, since some people are cat people and others dog people.  The first day we looked at several of his works of art and discussed his use of color and pattern, (Romero Britto Prezi) and then I directed a drawing lesson with 4 variations of ears, and sitting positions.  
They did a great job! 

Second week we painted in the whole cat/dog.  Third week we outlined with black tempera and added dot and stripe patterns with the colors.  They turned out great!  Each has it's own personality!!! 


  1. Great;)

  2. Seeing this reminded me of a current issue- I have a brick wall that I've never hung art on before. Do you use hot glue to hold the background paper? I love this! So bright and happy!

    1. Thanks! Believe it or not, it is all bulletin board behind it. Two long walls. It is a blessing and a curse! I would do smaller sections and hang them close together on a tack strip it you have something like that to work with. Good luck!

    2. Painter's tape actually works really well for concrete walls!

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  4. What size paper did you use for the drawings? These are just beautiful! Thanks!


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