Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1st Grade - Monster Box Sculptures

This project was inspired from a post on Pinterest originating with Giggles Galore, (gigglesgalorenmore@blogspot.com).  She called these Tattle Monsters.  My 1st Graders loved transforming tissue boxes into these wide mouthed Monsters.  This lesson was taught by my student teacher, who pre-painted all the boxes with acrylic. 

The first week, students cut zigzag teeth and printed spots with tempera paint and various sponges.

Second week, we used Cloud Clay for the eyes with googlies pressed in. Pipe cleaners for antennas and tangled scrap yarn for crazy hair.  Black paper was used to cut feet.  A crowd pleaser!!!

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  1. I bet the kids had a ball making these. What a great idea for Halloween.