Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2nd Grade - Danny Phillips Beach Collages

This project was inspired by artist Danny Phillips.  I discovered Danny on Etsy.com.  He has a shop full of inspiring beach scenes that remind me of my childhood.  His mixed media collages are unique and make me so happy!  In fact, I purchased a Rainbow Lighthouse for my husband as a wedding gift.  When it arrived, I was even more impressed!  It is stunning!

This project started with a tempera wash for the background.  We used blue, turquoise and white paint with large chip brushes.  We discussed how water and wind flow horizontally and painted our lightened sky and deep water with horizontal brush strokes.  We also painted a piece for sand. Brown, orange and lots of white.  Next, we used scrapbook papers and painted paper scraps to make the beach huts, boats and sun. These 12x12 beach scenes look great on display in a large group!


  1. These ar gorgeous! I've definitely pinned for future inspiration, as I know my kids will love it! Please visit me at Dream Painters, I'd love to have your opinion...

    1. Your site look great! I just joined with my email, vk.pacer@gmail.com. Thanks for the feed back! A close friend of mine is doing after school art classes. I will send her your way!

  2. I love these collages. I have found the children are more engaged with collage when we use scrapbook or wrapping paper. There is something about the patterns that they just love.
    I'm your newest follower! I've just started blogging about my own teaching experiences - love to have you check it out. http://thisoldartroom.blogspot.com/