Monday, April 27, 2015

5th Grade - Shoe Drawing SLO Testing is FINISHED TOO!

What a relief, seriously.  I don't know about you, but I let the State SLO testing get to me. I promised this year I would not, (it was my New Years Resolution!), but stress creeps in as I find students are not scoring as well as I hoped.  But... overall, my students left me in a good position. My results are funny... several of my students who did not pass, drew their shoes so well in the Fall, there was not a enough points earned in the Spring to prove growth!  But the stretch was there, just not reached.  I rather have that problem than a bunch that did not grow at all.  There were still a nice handful of students who did not reach an appropriate growth level by truly struggling with seeing the details, or deciding to be lazy. But that is typical!  While I complain about this process... I am learning and growing as a teacher.... Did I just say that out loud??? 

I have to give that credit to The Art of Education.  I took their class last summer, Showing Student Growth in the Art. Wow... I learned a ton! And it calmed me down.  This is year 17 for me... No one taught me about SLOs in college!  It was a huge shift in thinking for me.  Still is... it is going to take me a while to get SLOs established as a common practice.  So here are the results of 5th grade! 

* I edited my photos, I changed the "effect" to "sketch". I found the pencil was very hard to see. This helps see their details, however the shading looks overly sketchy compared to the real ones.  
Just an FYI...

 This is one above is my sample. I drew it as a demonstration.

The drawing above is the Fall Assessment, the drawing below is the Spring Assessment.

 This is the best shoe... The real drawing looks like you could pick up the shoe! 
The sketch pic flattens it a bit.

An IEP student.  Not the most detailed, but great growth!

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  1. Great demonstration of growth and assessment. I will probably be borrowing this idea, thanks for sharing!!!