Thursday, February 4, 2016

5th Grade Picasso Selfies

These Picasso Selfies turned out GREAT! Every single one is framable! That is saying a lot since these classes are 32 students each! 128 fifth graders! We took a look at various Picasso Portraits, (Picasso Portrait Prezi).  This is another round of the bogus paper, black tempera paint and chalk pastels.  The students painted water with paintbrushes on area they were ready to chalk, and the chalks just melt on!  Since sharing this lesson on Facebook and Instagram, I have had several people make other great suggestions.  The queen of this technique herself, Phyllis Levine Brown, aka There's a Dragon in my Art Room, ( gave more great advice.  Paint the black with acrylic, then soak the paper in water, the paint will not run! Great idea... I am a step behind.  I will be trying it next year.  Others just simply dip the pastel in the water, then color.  Pick your technique! Do what works best for you! Have fun!

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  1. Love the treatment of this! Fantastic Picasso lesson , thank you!