Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kindergarten Lichtenstein's in Primary Colors!

This has been my new favorite Kinder project this year... one I pulled out of a hat 10 minutes before they were coming.  You know... one of those days you're sure they were not finished with the last project, but.. the were! 

I fast... pre-drew a curve at the bottom of the papers for the sun and made it work! First day, we talked a lot about primary colors and the color wheel.  I showed them the three Lichtenstein paintings below and we outlined the sun in blue and painted the rays. That was it.  Next week, we painted in three sections yellow, (including the sun), then printed circles with red using a circle sponge on a stick. Next week , we printed the stripes with cardboard and added some printed circles.  DONE! They ALL turned out cute!  My other two classes did stars and lightning.  I pre-drew both the star and lightning and taught it basically the same way.  The only difference, the star and lightening needed a cardboard printed outline. Overall, great results!!!