Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kindergarten makes Arlo!

If you teach the young ones, you have to read this book and create an Arlo.  My students LOVE this book so much, they insist that I read it over and over!  Arlo Needs Glasses is created by author illustrator Barney Saltzberg. It is a pop up style book which kids love.  I originally borrowed this lesson from Deep Space Sparkle, (Deep Space Sparkle's Arlo Lesson).  Which, is truly my favorite way to teach it.  The first year, I did it exactly the same.  Then,  I wanted to do it again! So I changed it up a little, and this year I thought it would be fun to try making cloud clay/model magic glasses.  It was fun, yet I still like the paper ones with all the bling a bit more!  Crayon & paint, oil pastel & chalk... whatever you want to use! They will be super cute!!!!


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