Thursday, February 11, 2016

2nd Grade Picasso's Three Musicians Collages

I am certain this was not my original idea, but I am not sure who the idea came from! I have done this project a couple times over the last 6-8 years.  All I know, someone had a great idea to create these in cut paper with sheet music backgrounds!

I borrowed a piece of sheet music from our music teacher and copied it on the copy machine 11x17.  I had a tray of paper, we talked about geometric and freeform shapes.  Started by cutting out three heads, bodies, legs.  Then hats, instruments and arms.  Once all glued down with glue stick, we added the sharpie marker details. Very simple, yet very fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kindergarten makes Arlo!

If you teach the young ones, you have to read this book and create an Arlo.  My students LOVE this book so much, they insist that I read it over and over!  Arlo Needs Glasses is created by author illustrator Barney Saltzberg. It is a pop up style book which kids love.  I originally borrowed this lesson from Deep Space Sparkle, (Deep Space Sparkle's Arlo Lesson).  Which, is truly my favorite way to teach it.  The first year, I did it exactly the same.  Then,  I wanted to do it again! So I changed it up a little, and this year I thought it would be fun to try making cloud clay/model magic glasses.  It was fun, yet I still like the paper ones with all the bling a bit more!  Crayon & paint, oil pastel & chalk... whatever you want to use! They will be super cute!!!!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kindergarten Lichtenstein's in Primary Colors!

This has been my new favorite Kinder project this year... one I pulled out of a hat 10 minutes before they were coming.  You know... one of those days you're sure they were not finished with the last project, but.. the were! 

I fast... pre-drew a curve at the bottom of the papers for the sun and made it work! First day, we talked a lot about primary colors and the color wheel.  I showed them the three Lichtenstein paintings below and we outlined the sun in blue and painted the rays. That was it.  Next week, we painted in three sections yellow, (including the sun), then printed circles with red using a circle sponge on a stick. Next week , we printed the stripes with cardboard and added some printed circles.  DONE! They ALL turned out cute!  My other two classes did stars and lightning.  I pre-drew both the star and lightning and taught it basically the same way.  The only difference, the star and lightening needed a cardboard printed outline. Overall, great results!!! 

5th Grade Picasso Selfies

These Picasso Selfies turned out GREAT! Every single one is framable! That is saying a lot since these classes are 32 students each! 128 fifth graders! We took a look at various Picasso Portraits, (Picasso Portrait Prezi).  This is another round of the bogus paper, black tempera paint and chalk pastels.  The students painted water with paintbrushes on area they were ready to chalk, and the chalks just melt on!  Since sharing this lesson on Facebook and Instagram, I have had several people make other great suggestions.  The queen of this technique herself, Phyllis Levine Brown, aka There's a Dragon in my Art Room, ( gave more great advice.  Paint the black with acrylic, then soak the paper in water, the paint will not run! Great idea... I am a step behind.  I will be trying it next year.  Others just simply dip the pastel in the water, then color.  Pick your technique! Do what works best for you! Have fun!